an anonymous, youth-focused
mental health support platform

get linked

unlink yourself from mental illness and link yourself to a healthy mind

chat bot

express yourself anonymously & get linked to mental health resources

peer support

form support links with experienced peers in our volunteer network

hospital connections

get linked to local hospitals in times of crisis or injury

what we offer

curated, youth-centered resources

link (chat bot)

the basis of our platform is link (they/them), a natural language understanding chatbot. they’ve been trained to recognize depression, suicidal tendencies, stress, anxiety, and some eating disorders. by sharing what you’re feeling with a link, they’ll provide you with student-centered resources to seek help and make strides towards a healthy mind. if you’re in crisis, in danger, or harmed, they will connect you to hospitals in your area. link can also introduce you to our peer network.

peer support

our peer network is our second core offering. beyond connecting you with external resources, we can link you to other students with similar experiences. for now, you’ll be able to contact volunteers via cell phone—to retain your anonymity, we suggest blocking your Caller ID using *67 or using a Google Voice number!

(our team is working on integrating native anonymous chats!)